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Knossos and the archeological museum of Heraklion, Crete – Tips for Visitors

By choosing one of the tours, to visit Knossos, the museum or both sites please consider the following:

Booking one of the tours means, that you will have a professional Licensed guide, qualified according to the Greek Legislation, to guide you around in the desired site. Please note, that you will meet the guide at the entrance of the site. Transportation or entrance fees are not included.

  • The archaeological site of Knossos is located 5 km south-east of the capital city of Heraklion in the central north of the island of Crete. You can reach the site by local bus, if you are staying at Heraklion with a cost of 1,5 euro per person per route.
  • The Palace of Knossos is the largest Minoan site on Crete, covers a total area of 20 -22000 sq.m. and it is very popular. During summer it gets very busy and during the peak of the season you might find a long queue waiting to buy a ticket. Our guides will be able to assist you avoid the crowds, where possible.
  • The best seasons to see the site are spring and autumn, when the crowds are not so big and the weather is not so hot. ( again , please note that it’s important to avoid the dates that large cruise ships arrive at Heraklion port)
  • Please note that from the 1st of April this season ( summer season of 2024 ) the combined ticket  for both sites is no longer available – and the cost for Knossos palace is 15 euro and the museum 12 euro . For both sites an appointment is necessary , due to time zones and time slots. This also means that the guests will have to be on time for their appointment otherwise the ticket is autumatically cancelled. ( if the guests don’t validate the ticket within  the chosen time / appointment. ) If you wish us to book your tickets kindly add a note and we will be able to contact you with the details   ( reduced entrance fees are available according to the law  – but the guests are responsible to bring and provide the proper documentation ) .
  • Be on time to avoid issue with the time zones / slots for the tickets – From the season of 2024 this will be very important !!!
  • Always try to arrive early at the site, to avoid crowds and queues, or ideally after lunch, in the evenings. This is a beautiful low hill close to Heraklion with a fertile surrounding valley which is ideal to enjoy without big groups.
  • Leave plenty of time to see the site, and the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, if you are a serious history buff.After the guided tour of Knossos take some time to wonder around ad take pictures or at the museum of Heraklion to enjoy important artifacts.
  • If you are only mildly interested in history, allow a good two hours to visit the Knossos Palace and at least three hours for the museum in town.
  • For cruise ship passengers, you can choose the Knossos and museum tour (not the extended, it will be perhaps difficult due to cruise ship time restrictions).
  • Much of the site is not covered, so it’s difficult to find a shady spot (ideally try to visit Knossos in the evenings, to avoid the crowds and enjoy the shade). Do not forget a hat and sunscreen, sun is burning at Knossos even early spring and late autumn. Do not forget to take a bottle of water.
  • It is possible to purchase a combined ticket to Knossos palace and the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. This will allow entry to both places, without waiting in the queue once again, and you save few euro.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the archeological site of Knossos nor at the museum of Heraklion. You can smoke close to the entrance of Knossos where you can find a small coffee shop. W.C is available in sites, Knossos and the museum.
  • You are allowed to take pictures (using flash as well) at Knossos but you are not allowed to use a camera with a tripod or a large professional camera. At the museum you are not allowed to use a tripod, a professional camera or flash. Some of the artifacts, you are not allowed to take pictures at all, because they have not been published yet.
  • Eating during visiting one of the sites, Knossos or the museum is not allowed.
  • You must behave, in a proper manner, not to make noise and disturb other groups, guides, or individual visitors. Respect both sites, Knossos and the museum.
  • For individuals that will reach Knossos by a rental car, please note that there are 3 large parking lots, close to the palace. If you park your car in one of those parking areas (which are free of charge) make sure that you are not blocking other cars or large busses. We recommend you not to leave valuables in the car.
  • For individuals that will use the local bus, the bus stop for Knossos is very close to the entrance of Knossos.
  • For individuals that will use taxi, the cost should not exceed the 10 to 12 euro (starting from the port of Heraklion). Leaving from the site you can ask the guide to call for a taxi.
  • Our website is updated regularly…. we try to update the information as fast as possible , but in many cases, some changes are impossible to confirm on time , due to the unpredictable public sector . Working times of the archaeological site (opening and closing times) strikes of the personnel, changes in the cost of the entrance tickets, occupation of the site by employees, riots, days of free access, audio guides, maintenance of the site, those are beyond our control. In any case, check with the official website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for any announcement regarding the archaeological site.

Enjoy your visit.

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