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Ioanna Christofakaki: I would like to welcome you to our website I am the co-owner of the company Tourist Guides Crete P.C – Cretan Tour Experts Boutique Travel  and active licensed  qualified guide in English, Greek and Italian.  I have graduated from the Guides college of Mytilene – Lesvos 1997 and started working as a professional licensed guide on Rhodes, Kos and my birthplace Crete.  I am a passionate traveler and experienced guide and this website is the result of an effort , to provide our guiding services directly to the guests visiting Crete. We invite you to explore the palace of King Minos, the labyrinth of Knossos and the recently reorganized Minoan collection of the museum of Heraklion. circle fotos for visit knosos



Panos Kritikos: Welcome on Crete and to our website and follow me to guide you at the palace of Knossos and the new reorganized collection of the archeological museum of Heraklion. I am the co-owner of the travel agency  Tourist Guides Crete P.C – Cretan Tour Experts Boutique Travel  and active licensed    professional guide in English, Greek, German and Polish. I have graduated from the Guides colleges of Mytilene – Lesvos 1997 and started working as a professional guide in Rhodes, Kos and mainland Greece. I have participated in seminars about Minoan civilization, prehestoric archaeology and Aegean Bronze Age civilizations in the University of Freiburg Germany and Krakow, Poland. 2023 , together with my wife and active guide Ioanna Christofakaki, we founded the Tourist Guides Alliance, providing tours and experiences always cooperating with licensed guides. I will be also responsible for the tour – transfers and the private tours with a chauffeur / licensed guide, which is a combined service that we offer, according to the law and complying with  all the requirements of the Ministry of Tourism.  Join us to explore the palace of Legendary King Minos and the Minoan artifacts at the Museum or let us plan the perfect day according to your needs .


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Dimitra Pilarinou : I majored in Archaeology at the University of Athens in 2001 and immediately started working in excavations all around Greece . My participation in the post graduate seminar of the IOA (International Olympic Academy) at Olympia, where I researched the roots of the Olympic Games in prehistory, sparkled my interest in the Aegean Bronze Age and especially the Minoans. I received my MA in Minoan Archaeology from the University of Crete and continued excavating in the Crete as an employee of the local Ephorate of Antiquities, as a member of different research teams  and also as professor in the School of Guides.  In 2015 I completed the Tourist Guides Seminar for archaeologists in the University of Athens and since then I have been working as Tourist Guide in Crete in Greek, English and Spanish language. I have been collaborating with Cretan Tour Experts Private Tours Company for several years now and our successful partnership led apart from the excellent reviews of the company’s guests to our invitation to participate in the filming of two documentaries with History Channel and Travel Channel about the Minoan Civilization.



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