Visit Knossos with your kids

A family friendly approach of the archaeological site of Knossos - the palace of Legendary King Minos and the mythical Minotaur. Follow the team of experts to unveil the mysteries of the Minoan Civilization.

Visit Knossos with your children and maximize the experience with the use of iPad tablets and the 3D reconstruction, an application that make you understand the magnificence of the Palace of Legendary King Minos.

This is a special application that is based on modern technologies, virtual and augmented reality, so that the visitor of Knossos and especially our little friends can see a representation of the site as it was back then, in real time. Our experienced licensed guides can guide you through the archaeological site, making the tour of Knossos, not another boring tour, but a real experience. Take a fascinating tour around the palace of Knossos and search together with your children for the maze, the Labyrinth. A tour of Knossos, specially tailored made for our young friends.

Let’s make the most out of the tour with the 3D app and “Knossos for the kids” approach.

Please let us know the ages of the children and the number of IPad tablets that you wish to use during the tour (usually one tablet per child).

The iPad with the application has an additional cost (per item): 12 euro per iPad and can be paid on the spot.

There are two options for the kids orientated tour , with  the use of Ipads or not. Even without the technology we can approach  our young friends .

Please note, that you will have to mention the number of IPads  that you will need for your group (you can choose to have IPads for the children only or for all participants). Specify the number of the IPads when you book your tour (at  “notes”). Otherwise we will assume that you wish to have a kids friendly tour without the use of technology.

Please let us know the ages of the children and the number of iPad tablets that you wish to use during the tour (usually one tablet per child).

The cost of the tour is 157 euro and refers to the cost of the guide for a private tour .( with all taxes and  24% VAT included)

Duration : Estimate  the duration of the tour , to  appoximately 2 hours . ( depending on  the time of the visit, if there are many groups at the site /delay or lines ).  We will try to avoid the crowds , if possible, in order to provide a joyful experience for our young friends.

Group capacity: Maximum participants up to 6. For a larger group, please contact us at

Languages available: English , for direct booking .

Spanish,  German, Russian, French, Italian, Polish upon request . Please contact us at  for availability.




  • The minimum age for the use of the iPads during a tour to Knossos is 6 years old
  • The parents are responsible for the iPad during the tour in case of any damage of the equipment