Fantastic site and amazing guide

La visite guidée est indispensable, les panneaux sur le site n’etant pas suffisamment instructifs.
Super visite guidée qui permet de vraiment profiter de ce site exceptionnel. On est plongés dans la civilisation minoenne et dans la mythologie.
Akrivi notre guide a su intéresser nos enfants (11 et 13 ans) qui sont sortis avec l’envie de se replonger dans l’histoire de Thésée et du fil d’Ariane. Elle parle parfaitement français et répond très volontiers aux questions.

Date of experience: June 2021
Aude Paris France

What an experience !!

We booked an extended tour of Knossos palace with Panos and it was a pleasant surprise, I can say it was the highlight of our vacation in Heraklion. Panos took care of all the details ( tickets – avoiding lines- transportation arrangements ) and it was a really interesting tour. We didn’t realize that we stayed at Knossos for almost 3 hours. We covered all areas of the palace with details and Panos provided additional information and interesting reads about the Minoan civilization, plans etc. It was a great experience and we highly recommend the company and Panos as a guide…

Date of experience: June 2021
John –  East Palo Alto U.S

Knossos with Ioanna Chris

We had an amazing family tour with Ioanna at Knossos palace. We booked through the website and Ioanna made all the arrangements  for the tickets and Ipads for the children. The kids had a lovely day at the palace, Ioanna explained mythology and kept them interested …We had a pleasant day and we would recommend Ioanna for your tour at Knossos, she is patient with children !!!

Date of experience: June 2021
Alicia , London U.K

Amazing driving tour with Panos

We decided to book a drive tour, in order to see as much as possible in the limited time we had available. Panos was our chauffeur / guide for the day. We was on time, polite and patient (given the fact that as a family we were always late at every stop !!), with exceptional English and knowledge of Crete. We covered two major archaeological sites, Knossos and Phaistos in the south and following Panos’ recommendations we had an amazing lunch at a local tavern in the south of Crete … Panos had every detail arranged, tickets etc,  so we skipped lines and avoided the crowds and other groups. Thanks Panos !!!

Date of experience: June 2021
Jennifer – N.Y US

Tour – Transfer Knossos to Chania

We wanted to avoid driving on Crete, but still see as much as possible and since we had booked three nights in Chania, Panos provided the ideal option, starting from Heraklion to visit Knossos palace, Rethymnon old town, a monastery and end up at Chania at our hotel …. It was a full day and a very pleasant experience, Panos organized everything to the last detail…I would highly recommend the company and Panos as a guide on Crete …

Date of experience: June 2021
Greg J. Austin Texas

Visit of Knossos Palace

Panos was a great guide, he explained to us (a group of 7 people) everything about the archeological site of Knossos with great competence and was able to make the tour interesting and funny. He also provided us with augmented reality tools in order to have an idea of how the palace might have looked like in reality.
Highly recommended!

Date of experience: June 2021
Federica B. 

Now we know Knossos thanks to Panos

Was very easy to book our tour on short notice when our plans changed. They customized our tour to exactly our needs and set our expectations appropriately due to traveling with Covid 19 restrictions. Panos was very accommodating with our large family traveling together, adapting the information for our kids ranging from 8 to 23. Using the 3D enhanced modeling on the tablets kept everyone engaged during the tour in spite of the heat. The tour van was very clean and all safety measures were taken to keep all parties healthy. The follow up information and additional resources sent after our tour was over was icing on the cake!! All in all, was a wonderful tour and well worth the expense.

Date of experience: July 2021
JenFinFox –  St. Petersburg, Florida

Great trip with kids

We had a great time with Panos and Ioanna with the Kids tour. It was very interesting and entertaining for the kids and for us parents as well. Highly recommended and go early in the morning or late afternoon.

Date of experience: July 2021
Elmar – Zug, Switzerland

Worth it

Our Guide explained so much about Knossos from many points of view. We have enjoyed the all the knowledge our guide had to share. He could answer a lot and told many interesting things we did not know about yet. Also the timing ( 5 o’clock) is very wise due to the weather. Out guide even sent us extra information to learn even more.

Date of experience: August 2021
Joost V Netherlands


We spent a wonderful day with Eleanna visiting the archeological museum and then Knossos. Eleanna knows everything and answers every question. She interprets Greek mythology with actual history. Fascinating!
I highly recommend to book a guide to visit the historical sites, otherwise you can’t understand what you see.

Date of experience: August 2021
I_mafr Madrid, Spain

Fantastic tour. Highly recommended

We had a wonderful guided tour with Panos. He was enthusiastic and entertaining as well as deeply knowledgeable. A gifted guide who brought the ancient alive.

Date of experience: August 2021

Engaging family tour of Knossos. Highly recommended to bring Crete history to life.

Panos was a really interesting and engaging guide for our family of 4. The children of 13 and 11 were not expecting to enjoy it, but loved it. Panos found ways to share great stories and helps us understand more about Crete. The time flew, and we did a 5pm tour which was really nice and not too busy.
In addition, Panos rearranged his schedule as I managed to book the wrong date and hadn’t realized. We were so grateful that he could still make it and was very flexible. Thank you

Date of experience: August 2021
London traveller – London U.K

Excellent down to earth Knossos tour

My wife and I had an exceptional experience with Panos Kritikos during our private tour of Knossos. The planning process was smooth and Panos’s responsiveness was timely and appreciated.
We met Panos at the designated time and he had our tickets already. After some brief greetings we dove right into the tour. Panos clearly has exceptional knowledge of the site and is passionate about the Minoan culture. Whatever question we asked he answered. He provided thoughtful replies and got us thinking. He related to us. We even paused toward the end of the tour to casually chat and get to know each other.
The best thing about the entire tour in my opinion is that Panos did not sugar coat the unfortunate history of Knossos and how Arthur Evans desecrated and manipulated the site. Panos also painted an intriguing picture of who the Minoans were and how they behaved.
If you are looking for an authentic and down to earth tour of Knossos then Panos is your guy!

Date of experience: August 2021
tylersmith615 Brookline, Massachusetts

Wonderful thought provoking tour at dusk

A fascinating and thought provoking tour of Knossos, helping us to scratch below the surface of this ancient site in its dramatic location. Joanna was knowledgeable and engaging, skillfully expressing contrasting views of the meaning and purpose of this site. Would highly recommend.

Date of experience: October 2021
SteveG2017abc Bristol, United Kingdom

Excellent Experience

Our Tour guide was Panos Kritikos, he was fantastically knowledgeable, friendly and with impeccable English. He went out of his way to help us enjoy our time and make last minute adjustments when requested. Would thoroughly recommend.

Date of experience: October 2021
Sally C U.K

Great tour with Panos

From past experience, we knew that having a guide would make a big difference in our appreciation and understanding of archeological sites. Our guide, Panos’ breadth and depth of knowledge of Knossos and the surrounding sites was truly impressive. He followed up our amazing tour with references for our further study. We highly recommend this tour.

Date of Experience : July 2019

wonderful guide, pleasant experience

Joanna was a fantastic guide: entertaining, informative, and went at our pace. We went at 3pm, which was a great time to visit (and they offer a discount for afternoon visits). There were no crowds and we always had shady places to stand while she explained things. I would definitely recommend gong with a guide, since there is almost no information posted at the ruins.

Date of Experience : September 2019
flyingcello, Berlin Germany

Wonderful tour

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Panos. He is extremely knowledgeable and truly contributed to an ambience of being immersed within the fascinating history of Knossos. Learning from somebody who clearly has a passion for their work made the tour all that much more special. He had a very pleasant demeanor and allowed us to take our time and not feel rushed. It was a pleasure to meet him and tour with him. Highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting the Knossos Palace.

Date of Experience : August 2019
Gannusya17, London UK

Very good private tour

I took the tour with my two kids (9 and 13). We did the ‘Knossos with kids’ tour. The kids got iPads from the guide and that way they could see a virtual tour of Knossos and also ‘how it used to be’. It definitely added to the experience and it made it much more interesting for the kids. The guide was very knowledgeable and gave us great insights in the history of Knossos. Highly recommend!

Date of Experience : August 2019
joked303, Hemiksem, Belgium

Great private tour

We absolutely loved out private tour of Knossos! Very informative and we didn’t have to rush like other large tour groups that we saw. Great experience.

Date of Experience : July 2019
kristinka09, New York 1830

Don’t do Knossos without a guide, hopefully – this one!

Knossos is one of those places that you NEED to have a guide with you. The site has ‘touched’ and ‘untouched’ parts. It would be quite easy to misunderstand the whole thing if you DON’T have a guide. Our guide was very knowledgable, helpful and personable.

Date of Experience : July 2019
412chrisd412, London, England, United Kingdom

Excellent tour!

We had the pleasure of enjoying an extended Knossos Tour by Mr Panos Kritikos. We enjoyed it a lot, learned a lot and felt very comfortable to ask any question – as I am personally not quite knowledgable on the subject.
We found Mr Kritikos very friendly, very professional and very knowledgable! We were taken over by his passion and deep understanding for the minoan civilisation, (and generally archeology). We were also very impressed by his truthful and scientific explanations and the fact that he is continuously learning about the minoan civilisation; he was able to refer to old and recent research work and even mail us a list of academic readings!

Date of Experience : August 2019
chris1tz, Bern Switzerland

Excellent Tour and Perfect for Families!

Our guide was the best. He suggested an early 8am start to avoid the crowds since we were arriving by Ferry at 6 in Heraklion. The iPad were really fun,making the ruins accessible and meaningful to our teenage children. He really made the historical site come alive for our family of grandparents, adults and teenage children. Well worth it!!

Date of Experience : August 2019
Kirsten M, Kennesaw, United States

Great tour with Panos

From past experience, we knew that having a guide would make a big difference in our appreciation and understanding of archeological sites. Our guide, Panos’ breadth and depth of knowledge of Knossos and the surrounding sites was truly impressive. He followed up our amazing tour with references for our further study. We highly recommend this tour.

Date of Experience : July 2019

Review of Private Tour

This was well worth the money and so much fun. Our guide, Panos, was superb. He was full of facts and stories about the site, and he also had plenty of additional research to share, which he did afterward via email. The tour was in English, and he welcomed questions. I could’ve listened for another 4 hours!

Date of Experience : June 2019

Phenomenal tour of Knossos and Heraklion Museum with Dimitra

I booked my trip with Panos given his reputation. My son is a classics major so I was looking for both strong academic credentials and someone who could keep it simple and entertaining for my mother and me. Dimitra was outstanding on both counts. Her academic achievements speak for themselves. Her ability to articulate a sweeping, comprehensible view of the various relevant historical periods was only exceeded by her passionate and engaging storytelling. Her deep knowledge of site details and important works at the museum were beyond impressive. I’ve been on many tours in Greece and Italy. Dimitra is the best I’ve ever had.

Date of Experience : June 2019
Nick T


hatalmas, csodaszép, tele mesés ókori történelmi kincsekkel, szobrokkal, egyszerűen nem lehet betelni a látvánnyal, a kertje is csodaszép

Date of Experience : August 2019

The best archaeological tour I’ve ever taken

Our tour to Knossos with Panos was extraordinary. He has studied archaeology and knows so very much about the Minoans, their predecessors and their successors. We were captivated by his stories and discussions of the varying theories about these cultures. He took his time answering our questions clearly and understandably. We are three highly educated women and could not have been more happy with our experience. And, after we were done, he recommended a great restaurant.

Date of Experience : April  2019
Aldona J, Fairbanks, Alaska 

Last minute tour!

We were unsure of when we would arrive in town, so we didn’t book a tour. We contacted our guide late in the day and amazingly, we were able to get a last minute tour arranged! We were so glad it worked out because it was a fascinating and enjoyable experience. We did the guided tour of Knossos first, then explored the museum on our own afterwards, as our guide recommended. The museum had many of the things we learned about on our tour, it was really cool to see. Our guide was very friendly, helpful, and most importantly, knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this tour, both for the impressive (and massive) archaeological site, and the wonderful service of our guide.

Date of Experience : September 2018
Sadie S, Albuquerque  New Mexico

Private tour

We did the food and walking tour of Heraklion. It was a private tour that lasted about 3 hours. Ioanna was our tour guide. She was lovely. She was very knowledgeable and tried to get us to experience what the locals eat and where they go to shop. She took us to some local spots to try a variety of food (e.g. greek coffee, baked treats, cheeses, olive oil, honey, wine, gyro, desserts).

I’m not very familiar with Greek food. For me, the tour let me try some things I didn’t even know existed. It was a great experience! And, I had a full belly, too!

Date of Experience : August 2018
Sofia A

Excellent Tour

Exactly the tour we were hoping for; flexible and packed full of fascinating facts. Highly recommended.

Date of Experience : June 2018

Highly recommended

Informative and very interesting tour of Knossos by Panos on one day and then a tour of Heraklion on another day. Panos was very friendly and kept all the group entertained and interested. I would highly recommend his tours.

Date of Experience : July 2018
nksss2018, London U.K 

Visit to Knossos and the Archeological Museum of Heraklion

We did a private tour with our amazing guide Ioanna. She was fantastic and very Knowledgeable. She also took the time to tell us mythological stories while we were in Knossos since my daughter had a great interest on them. The trip to the Museum was also perfect. We enjoyed so much !! I recommend this company .

Date of Experience : July 2018
CarlaOjeda, Lake Mary, Florida

Great Tour!

We did a private tour with Panos and we enjoyed our short time with him. He is very knowledgeable with the history of the area and was very accommodating with our needs. He was very helpful and friendly. Would definitely recommend to others!

Date of Experience : April 2018
GiselaDavid, Manila Philippines


Un site magnifique et une civilisation impressionnante. Visite avec Natalie Guide francophone très gentille et qui nous a plongés au cœur de l histoire minoenne .

Date of Experience : July 2018
vvanbree, Rixensart, Belgium

Fabulous Knossos

Un site magnifique et une civilisation impressionnante. Visite avec Natalie Guide francophone très gentille et qui nous a plongés au cœur de l histoire minoenne .

Date of Experience : June 2018
aussietraveller033, Encounter Bay

Visit to Knossos

We visited Heraklion Archeological Museum in the morning and took a tour of Knossos in the late afternoon with Dimitra, organised by Panos. Dimitra was phenomenally knowledgable and boundlessly enthusiastic. She enthralled our pre-teens, teens and post-teen children bringing the palace to life. A very memorable trip.

Date of Experience : July 2018
N6729ROmartinn, Renting U.K

Engaged our Teens!

We had a private morning tour for our family of 4 and it was perfect. We arrived early and our guide was already there. When we entered there was nobody in line but when we came out there must have been a couple hundred! Ioanna was the perfect guide. She gave enough information to satisfy all my curiosities without boring the children to death like the guide we had at the Acropolis. Ioanna understood how to keep our teenagers (14 and 17) interested without making it too detailed that they would get inpatient. I would highly recommend paying extra for the ipad’s Our teens were fascinated by the virtual depictions and it really helped them to envision how grand it once was. It was a truly wonderful tour!

Date of Experience : July 2018
gchin2n, Wilson, Wyoming

A different and intriguing spin on Knossos

We were a group of 12 people and booked a private guided tour in the late afternoon (perfect hour to visit, as we practically had the site to ourselves!). Our guide, Dimitra, was so knowledgable and enthusiastic about the historical site and the Minoan civilization that got us all very intrigued. We found this tour of the Knossos palace quite unique, as she was pointing out inaccuracies and making sure we heard different interpretations of everything we saw. Highly recommended for anyone interested in hearing a more versatile story of the Minoan Crete!

Date of Experience : July 2018
Ermina P, Zurich Switzerland

A dynamic and intriguing private tour, marked by careful archeological reflection

The site of the palace of Knossos and its surrounding villas is a greatly interesting and admirable example of Minoan architecture, that was ‘visually enhanced’ (or perhaps somewhat disturbed – an intriguing archeological debate) by cement and wood- based additions by Sir Arthur Evans in the 19th century. We later visited the Archeological Museum of Heraklion – a wonderful museum in which awe-inspiring artefacts are presented clearly, in a comprehensive arrangement. Our tour guide, Panos, readily offered exciting and seemingly more obscure yet very interesting facts, as well as providing an overall awareness of the significance of the palace and the features and development of the Minoan civilization. He was very kind and amicable, ensuring that we did not remain beneath the hot sun for an excessive period of time, and attempting to stimulate our own archeological opinions and theories.

Date of Experience : July 2018
Tereza B

Great tour from a local …Knossos palace and Heraklion

Great thanks to Travel Crete Travel Tours and specifically Aurivi for a great visit à Knossos and at Heraklion.
The fact that Aurivi was from Heraklion give us a great insight from a local guide.
Me and my wife are recommending her for a great 4 to 5 jours of great stories or Legends!!!!!

Marie and Robert
QUÉBEC , Canada

Date of Experience : July 2018

Awesome & Informative

Our tour guide Ioanna was fantastic, very knowledgeable, friendly and was able to direct the tour toward our interest immediately. We visited the Palace of Knossos and the Heraklion Archeological Museum. This was a great value and we would definitely not have gotten the full experience without Ioanna. This tour was a highlight of our visit to Greece and we definitely recommend it.

Date of Experience : June 2018
DMurphy68, Pensacola, Florida 

Outstanding Private tour

Four friends visited Knossos on a private tour arriving accidentally at the same time 500 people arrived on a cruise boat. Our lovely guide Ioanna slipped us in cleverly between the crowds so that our visit was not impacted. She sat us down in the shade and gave us detail of what is known and then explained how the myths and legends may have originated. It was fascinating and with her insight we could understand a little of what life for the Minoans must have been like. Highly recommended.

Date of Experience : June 2018
Kay J

History comes alive!

Thank you Panos and Dimitra for showing us around Crete. We gained a better perspective of the many dimensions of Crete. The stories, information, and insider details provided helped us to understand this diverse island. It felt that we had family showing us around. Very personable and friendly! Highly recommend!

Date of Experience : May 2018
kamal1022, Herndon, Virginia 

Highlight of my Trip

Booked with Panos and was thoroughly impressed with the knowledge that was given to me. He brought the history of Knossos to life by describing the Minoan civilisation with an intense passion for what he does and with amazing storytelling abilities.
I highly reccommend a visit to the Archaeological Museum for further insight into this ancient era.

Date of Experience : May 2018
christinamangos, Hobart Australia

Highlight of our Honeymoon

My husband and I honeymooned in Crete, Santorini and Athens. All were great but this Knossos Tour with Dimitra was the highlight of our trip! From the time, Vaggellis (our driver) picked us up at our hotel to the end of the tour my husband and I could not say enough about Panos… we obsessed over the tour actually : ) especially since Minoan history is why my husband wanted to go to Greece.

We booked our tour last minute (oops!) and Panos really worked with us. Replying to E-Mails promptly and professionally while setting up a date/time that worked best with us! Vaggellis, our driver was classy, kind, professional and knowledgeable- he was GREAT and got us even more excited to see Knossos on our hour drive there!!!

Dimitra our tour guide was amazing! She has a glowing personality- kind, patient, fun and knowledgeable. She gave us the “insiders” tour of both the museum and the ruins. We learned so much while truly having a good time! The info she told us and the sites she showed us were AWESOME! She had the most up to date and interesting facts!! We left with such an admiration for the Minoans.

Highly suggest this tour. We loved everyone we interacted with and enjoyed all the new knowledge, we walked away with!! No other way to see Knossos.

Thank you Panos, Dimitra and Vaggellis. You guys ROCK

Date of Experience : May 2018
vilardosamantha, Fairfax, Vermont

A+ ευχαριστώ!

I booked a tour with Panos the day before my son and I were planning to arrive to the Palace of Knossos. He was very accommodating and set us up on a tour with Dimitra.

While I had not read many of the reviews here prior to booking, I could not agree more with all of the things that have been said about both Dimitra and Panos. They are very professional, earnest, easy-going and friendly in addition to being knowledgeable and smart.

It was a real treat to have Dimitra as our guide today and our time with her will be a fond and lasting memory of our wonderful time in Greece. ευχαριστώ!

Date of Experience : February 2018
140gavind, New York

Trip of a Lifetime! We Loved Dimitra!

I have wanted to visit the site of Knossos since I first read about it, back in Jr High. I am very in to archaeology, so I didn’t want a tour led by someone who could only tell me the myths about the place. Thank goodness I found VisitKnossos! I emailed back and forth with Panos, about what exactly I wanted in our personal (with my husband) tour, and he set us up for a guided tour with Dimitra, who is a professional archaeologist. She was very friendly, patient and incredibly knowledgeable about Knossos and the history of the Minoans and Crete. She took us into nooks and crannies of the site that visitors don’t normally get to see, in addition to all the highlights that everyone expects. She was great about distinguishing about what is known about the site vs. what is conjecture, and what things Arthur Evans widely publicized, but got completely wrong. She answered any questions we had, she never rushed us, and she even stopped to take pictures for us. We spent more than 3 hours with her at Knossos, and we loved her so much we arranged for her to guide us through the Archaeological Museum the next day!

Date of Experience : November 2017
Sherri W

World Class!

We had a 2 hour tour with Dimitra and our three kids. Dimitra is one of the best tour guides we have ever used. First, when taking a family tour you can hire iPads for each of the kids (€12 each) which shows a reconstruction of what the Knossos looked like before it’s destruction. This helps the kids understand what they are seeing and it makes the tour much more fun (Dimitra also lent me hers at key points so I could also see – it is great).

Secondly, when seeing the Knossos a guide is essential in order to bring it alive and Dimitra did this effortlessly. She was able to juggle the interests of the adults and the questions of our kids remarkably well. Dimitra has not only studied the Knossos for years as an archaeologist, she is also a gifted guide and is able to explain complex points easily and concisely and in particular to explain this to our kids (for example Dimitra began asking our kids what people live in a palace – in order to get them interested).

On the plane my 9 year old daughter said that the tour was the best activity of our holiday.

As a tip, the Knossos during the morning can get very full (cruise ships often arrive for a morning tour) so we visited the Knossos at 4.30pm and this is a great time to come – much emptier and not so hot. We were lucky to find parking right next to the Knossos but were told that it isn’t normally available so not sure where you would normally park. The restaurant at the entrance makes great orange juice for €4.5 a pop.

Date of Experience : November 2017
holidaymaddd, London U.K

Dimitra was INCREDIBLE!!!

I booked this tour via the internet not knowing what to expect. I came alone with my three young kids. Panos and Dimitra met us at the gates of Knossos and Dimitra took over from there. It was the most amazing experience we had in Greece. The best money spent. Dimitra was amazing with my three young kids and she was patient and took all the time to explain everything to them in any way they needed to understand. She brought pictures and diagrams. SHE WAS AMAZING! Do not hesitate to book with this agency and PLEASE PLEASE ask for her…… you will love her as we did!

Date of Experience : August 2017
Eleni N, Princeton, United States

Highly Recommended

We did two days with Panos. First was the walking and tasting tour of Heraklion. The food was amazing! and we took some great samples to the hotel to have for a late afternoon snack. Panos also acted as our driver and guide for Phaestos and Gortyn. We highly recommend using VisitKnossos to plan time in and around Heraklion they are friendly and organized.

Date of Experience : August 2017
CydnHank, Chicago Illinois

Amazing Knossos Tour

We (4 adults, 2 children) booked the tour with Panos directly. Everything was easy, fast, hassle free and very professional. Our tour guide, Dimitra, was fantastic. She was great with the kids, she was very knowledgeable, very motivated, funny and full of wonderful details and stories. Wow, this is really the way to go if you want to get away from the masses and feel and experience Knossos first hand.

Date of Experience : August 2017
Hjoerdis S, Luxemburg

Best in Crete, Fair prices! Small business agency par excellance!

My view: Best guy (Panos) in Crete Is. with fair prices! A small business running an agency par excellance. My wonderful trip with VisitKnossos in Heraklion deserves high praise!

Panos took great care of my daughter and I. It’s very apparent to me the tour guides are clever to tailor the experience we contemporary tourists seek.
(For example, Panos intuitively sensed I wanted to avoid overcrowded markets and was very generous with micro-adjustments for his services)
For two (2) separate tours from Heraklion to Rethimno and then Palace of Knossos Archeological site & Knossos Museum, Panos executed a smooth itinerary for each day.

Any type visitor to Crete Island will benefit from a VisitKnossos tour.

Date of Experience : July 2017
Winifred T

Visite Knossos avec Akrivi

Visite de Knossos en juillet 2017 avec Akrivi.
Akrivi était ponctuelle, parlait très bien Français, a su adapter son discours aux petits comme aux grands qui étaient présents. La visite a passionné tout le monde, malgré une chaleur torride !

Date of Experience : July 2017
LaCarotte31, Toulouse France 

Tour mit iPads – Familie mit 2 Kindern

Wir hatten die Tour ab 0830h (noch relativ kühl und keine Schlange an der Kassa!) mit Irini und für die Kinder die iPads mit den 3D-Animationen gebucht. Zeitlich war es ganz flexibel und als die Kinder am Ende unruhig wurden, hat Irini elegant gestrafft.

Die iPads waren echt cool, weil die Kinder sich an jedem Halt das so ansehen konnten, wie es ev. mal ausgesehen hat. Obwohl in Knossos eh viel steht, ist es so eben noch kindergerechter.

Die Zeit verging echt schnell und es war überhaupt nicht langatmig, im Gegenteil.

Tipp auf jeden Fall: wenn möglich um 8h oder 8.30h starten, als wir um ca. 1030h rauskamen, war die Warteschlange von der Kasse bis zu dem großen Parkplatz (ca. 1 Stunde am Eingang anstehen mindestens – in der Mittagshitze nicht so funny).

Ob über VisitKnossos auch die Eintrittskarten gleich gekauft werden können um das Anstellen zu vermeiden weiß ich leider nicht, war bei uns aber egal.

Sehr empfehlenswert jedenfalls!

Date of Experience : July 2017

great tour

We had an excellent tour with a very knowledgeable tour guide. Panos made it very easy to set up the tour. I would highly recommend this company.

Date of Experience : June 2017
Mariela J, Miami Florida

Palace of Knossos

Panos was amazing – he kept in touch with me right up until the day of the tour. He met us right on time and was gave us a great history of not only the palace but also of Greek history. He showed us every inch of the Palace while giving us interesting highlights and details. He then took us into Heraklion to the Museum. The museum is brand new and he gave new life to what is usually reading hundreds of placards. He methodically took us through and gave us a great sense of what we had just seen at the ruins. This tour is truly the best bang for your dollar. 10 stars!

Date of Experience : June 2017
cjccjcjr, braintree

Fantastic experience

From the first prompt and helpful contacts with Panos, to the amazing tour with Demi, our visit to Knossos was a fantastic experience. Panos was very accommodating in meeting our scheduling needs and changes with prompt responses and suggestions, Demi was a joy from the start! From allowing us time to eat a wonderful lunch at the onsite restaurant (amazing Greek food!) as we arrived starving, to sharing her extensive knowledge and humor with us throughout the tour. We were an extended family of 15, ages ranging from 57-15. All of us enjoyed, were fascinated and enriched by our tour of Knossos. I would highly recommend this tour.

Date of Experience : June 2017
Diane F, Birmingham Alabama

Drive me around – private tour

We booked this company to drive us around Crete for 4 hours. We didn’t want to see the usual sites but rather wished for an overall feel for the Island as we were on a cruise with limited time. The tour met our needs perfectly.

Date of Experience : April 2017
MARGARET E, Kahlua Kona Hawaii

Amazing tour Guide Panos

Knowledge with great ability , tour guide Panos ! Together , walked the paths of Minoans great mythology in 2 hours guided tour ! High recommend !

Date of Experience : February 2017
Freja_p1979, Copenhagen Region, Denmark

Amazing private tour

We were lucky to be guided by Ioanna , at the palace of king Minos , Knossos . We had a private tour for almost 2 hours. Amazing place, not to be missed . Ioanna was on time waiting for us at the site, she was very polite and helped us with the tickets ….we hope that next time we will have the time to visit the museum in Heraklion….

Date of Experience : January 2017
teresathomson67, Auckland, New Zealand

Great service!

We used their chauffeur service as we wanted to see some places further away and we didn’t want to drive ourselves. The service was amazing. We got a licensed guide to go with us.

We experienced the small villages in Crete to see the real life. We went to a tiny restaurant for dinner and it was the best meal ever!

Highly recommended!

Date of Experience : April 2016
Aleksandrana, Manchester U.K

The palace of Knossos

Visiting Crete was on our bucket list and Knossos was the highlight!
We were fortunate to have booked the tour through visitknossos and we were met by a great guide,informative friendly and warm.We got the grand tour of the palace of King Minos,the labyrinth home to the Minotaur.Dolphin frescoes bull leaping frescoes came to life as our guide painted for us the picture of the Minoan culture.
Our experience through Visitknossos visiting knossos was well worth the visit my dream from childhood to come to Crete and see the Palace was well worth it.
Thank you Visitknossos for satisfying my childhood dream as well as my adult curiosity!

Date of Experience : October 2016

Без гида делать нечего !

Многие туристы посещают Knossos самостоятельно без гида, а зря: во-первых не надо стоять в огромной очереди за билетами, во-вторых вы не узнаете много интересного о миноской культуре и цивилизации , в-третьих ели решили посетить раскопки самостоятельно , то прочтите хотя бы “Мифы древней Греции Н.А.Кун”!

Date of Experience : January 2017
Alexandr P

Tour of the Palace at Knossos

Before traveling to Crete I had read online that the Palace at Knossos is not really worth visiting unless one has a tour guide to explain the site. This proved to be entirely true. The seven of us who were on holiday together were given a wonderful tour of the Palace by Ioanna, a funny, engaging, and very well-informed guide. Even if you have studied the archaeology of the site before, it is still very helpful to have a guide lead the way. There is not a lot of signage, and it is not always clear what one is looking at. Additionally, after watching as other huge tour groups wandered through the site, I was very happy that we had opted for a private tour rather than attach ourselves to a large group tour.

Having a tour guide was useful not only for the wealth of information that we were given, but also for the little benefits that came with it. On hearing that we were all students, Ioanna told us that we could get in for free with student cards. If she hadn’t told us, we would have probably paid full price! She also took some time at the end of the tour to tell us about the modern agriculture of the region and give us a crash course in tourist-level Greek. Overall, it was an excellent experience and one I would highly recommend.

Date of Experience : September 2016
Amy N

Great visit with the local guide / Przyjemna wycieczka z przewodnikiem

To było bardzo miłe zaskoczenie odbyć wycieczkę po Pałacu w Knossos z przewodnikiem mówiącym świetnie po polsku!
Wycieczka z przewodnikiem jest o wiele bardziej wartościowa, sporo ciekawostek z liczącej sobie wiele tysięcy lat historii pałacu, bez przewodnika, uszłoby naszej uwadze.

W lipcu trzeba pamiętać o wodzie i kapeluszach. Upał niemiłosierny :))
Polecamy gorąco!

Date of Experience : July 2016
Aga2006, Warsaw Poland

A must see

Go early! It gets very crowded from about 10.00 onwards. Preferably have a guided tour as it is difficult to understand all the significant structures without one. You may not like Evans’s reconstructions but at least it gives the picture of the original appearance.

Date of Experience : May 2016
deltadry, West Sussex GB

Зимнее умиротворение

Находясь в Ираклионе, в рамках обязательной программы посетили Кносс, с его удивительным дворцом, воссозданным Артуром Эвансом в соответствии с его представлениями о том, как должен был выглядеть легендарный “лабиринт” в минойскую эпоху. Далеко от моря (около 6 км), на холме, но все же в распадке, закрытом предгорьями. Дворец незаметен со стороны, что удивительно для 4-5 этажного комплекса; вся его многоэтажность уходит уровнями вниз от входа, освещаемая внутренним двором и световыми колодцами в 3-4 этажа глубиной. Такое расположение дворца вдали от моря можно объяснить, наверное, наличием чистой пресной воды, доставляемой во дворец по, видимо, древнейшим в мире водопроводам.
Несмотря на отсутствие каких либо бельведеров, во дворце ощущается спокойное умиротворение; зимой в нем уютно и тепло. До центра Ираклиона можно дойти пешком под гору за 1-1,5 часа. Впрочем, летом, наверное, здесь не продохнуть от жары и толп туристов.

Date of Experience : January 2016
Владимир И И, Khabarovsk, Russia

Visiting Crete

I visited Crete and Knossos with my family last summer it was a memorable visit and tour !
Our guide was outstanding a fountain of knowledge it was lovely tour.
For us the Celts our love for Crete and Greece is deeply routed in our soul and visiting Crete and Knossos with the company of expert guides and tours made our day memorable!
Thank you!

Date of Experience : August 2016
athelstan a, County Londonderry, U.K

Minoan treasures

How can anyone arrive in Crete and not visit the highlights Knossos and the archeological museum?
Well we did just that !
Art,structure civilization before our eyes came alive through the professional guide and narrator that day.
Our guide was fountain of knowledge ..
Myths and legends came alive ..
Thank you

Date of Experience : December 2015
tourguidescrete, Rethymno Crete , Greece

Excellent guide and museum !

Museum of Heraklion
I wanted to see the new reorganized museum of Heraklion and the collection of Minoan artefacts. The best way to do it, was with a guide, since the museum is pretty big . I booked a private guided tour with Ioanna from Visit Knossos. She was waiting for me at the entrance of the museum and guided me through for almost two hours. She was very polite and answered all my questions , spoke very good English, I really can say enough about her knowledge of every single artefact and believe me there many !!!
I had great time visiting the museum after so many years ( the museum was closed for almost 9 years ….)…
Thank you so much Ioanna !!!

Date of Experience : December 2015
Aris V, Greece

Highly educational archaeological tour of the Museum of Heraklion

The museum of Heraklion in the centre of the city has been reorganized and the new collection of Minoan artefacts is just amazing . Since an audio guide system is not available , we searched for a local guide , to guide us around . The museum is big and the number of artefacts , just unbelievable. Panos , our local guide shared with passion all the details of the Minoan civilization and we never felt we were in a hurry . A great tour , very educational (really a must see museum , since Knossos doesn’t reveal the magnificence and the grace of the Minoans. )

Date of Experience : November 2015
ontariodavid, Ontario Canada

Excellent Historical Tour

I booked a private guided tour at Knossos and the museum of Heraklion with a guide with archaeological background . So what a tour , it was.!!! Ioanna was a real expert regarding the Minoan civilization and the new reorganized collection of artefacts. I would recommend the services of a qualified guide of VisitKnossos company . Thank you for the fulfilling experience

Date of Experience : November 2015
Jeremy L, East Palo Alto, California