Do not miss at Knossos palace :

  • The ruins of a prepalatial building at the bottom of one the Kouloures.
  • The western courtyard with the processional corridors , the main Propylon and the Facade.
  • The Knossos Grand Staircase leading to the royal chambers. The Shield frescoes are visible behind the characteristic Minoan columns
  • Irrigation drain and terracotta pipes at Knossos, water tanks and cisterns for drinking water .
  • The western storage rooms / magazines for products..
  • The throne room , discovered in situ .
  • Dolphins wall painting, a recreation decorating the Queen’s megaron at the palace of Knossos.
  • Dancing girl fresco, a recreation decorating the Queen’s megaron at Knossos.
  • Main central courtyard , the heart of the palace .
  • Relief wall painting of Bull’s head, a recreated fresco places by Evans on the Western Bastion of Knossos Palace.

Where was the famous Labyrinth? Follow us and let’s explore the magnificent palace of Legendary King Minos…